Cannabis Tourism Grows in Canada

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,” said the great traveler Ibn Battuta.

This statement couldn’t be truer of traveling through Canada. We have an enormous country geographically and with that “embarrassment of acreage” comes a widely diverse population, spread across great distances but still sharing the common traits of what it is to be Canadian.

Now with upcoming legislation that will allow the country to sell recreational MJ nationwide, the opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts to see the great white north is upon us, and tour companies are planning to roll out “cannatourism” packages as soon as legally possible.

One such company based in BC, CannaTour, is billed as “The number one leading tourism agency that provides individuals with access to the Canadian cannabis industry in its entirety.” Ashley Moore is the Customer Service Manager and Sales Rep and she is confident that this is going to be big. “We are born and raised residents of BC and have access to growers, producers, dispensaries, and other amazing experiences.” Moore wants the tours to reflect the diverse country of Canada by introducing travelers to the men and women of the cannabis community.

Moore has been getting ready to provide her services on a broader scale once legalization is in place and she has seen increasing interest in marijuana tourism. “The demand for tourism in Canada, in general, is exploding, the cannabis tourism scene is also growing fast in terms of suppliers who want to work with us and the customer lists we are gathering. At the end of the day, millions of people around the world will visit Canada for tourism, and many of them will want to try cannabis and use our service.”

Moore is restricted in her activities to a certain extent, but not for long. “What we offer [right now]is somewhat VIP in the sense that we do things that can be considered a ‘grey area’ [in the eyes of the law]. Clients will get to tour cannabis growing operations, experience production facilities for Co2 oil, etc., tour the dispensaries in Vancouver or Toronto on an air conditioned bus, tons of outdoor activities like mountain biking, fishing, hiking, skiing all done while using cannabis.”

They’re also helping educate people on the new marijuana industry coming to Canada and assisting interested entrepreneurs who want to enter the cannabis business. “We will offer packages to meet business owners if a client’s desire is to enter the Canadian cannabis industry, we help with networking and sending people in the right direction.”

So the preparation continues for Ashley and her team as well as others looking to offer travel packages to cannabis lovers, and she is excited to expand once Trudeau opens the doors. “Right now we are offering some exclusive tours to hand selected clients. When legalization takes place, we will open that up slowly to a wider audience using what was said above in the context of tourism. Over time, we hope to be a liaison for those interested in Canadian cannabis and those who want to experience tourism here.”

No matter who you are or where you came from, as long as you are not a member of ISIS you will be welcomed in Canada. For those of us who love to travel (and that is most of us) the only thing better than visiting a new destination, would be if you were able to do it with your friend Mary Jane. Barring any red tape issues from the feds, by next year that will be our reality.

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